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Dear Cheryll,
I want to thank you and Stay At Home Care for taking care of my Mother.
My Father died 5 years ago at 90 years of age, my Mom was all alone.
She had been diagnosed with dementia 4 years previous to his death and he took care of her – doing the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and everything else.
My Mom never worked after she got married and had children and she didn't drive.  Everyone else in the family was working and couldn't be with her during the day.  My goal was to keep her home as long as it was possible because it was the only place he recognized, and I was afraid she would just give up on life if she was put in a strange place with a bunch of strangers.
You and your girls took such great care of her for five years!  For that I will be eternally grateful.
Sadly, she required more help as the disease went on, so it required someone to be constantly with her and take care of everything for her.  I know as she lost her mobility and awareness of what was going on that it was time to consider getting her into a nursing home since it was too

much for one caregiver to handle.  She is 95 and is doing as well as can be expected, but she got 5 more years of living in her own home with the wonderful care she received.I am eternally grateful for you and your service!  Also I am grateful that you still go and visit her at the nursing home.



Joanne Scally


This is my beautiful aunt “‎Bridgitta”


Auntie was unable to live alone any longer due to the fact she was diagnosed with mid to late stage Alzheimer’s.    She did not want to move from her home and I was too far away to help, so I searched online for in-home caregivers.


The thought of letting people I didn't know into her home to care for her was a difficult decision to make. Through the process of interviewing several agencies with no success. 


I had an appointment with one more company and that was the team from Stay At Home care, LLC.  I was sold on their professionalism in combination with they’re uplifting warmth and understanding of my aunt’s needs.


Choosing wisely, I hired the Stay At Home Care team.  They were attentive to my aunt’s needs with daily living challenges, meal prep , hygiene , errands, laundry as well as keeping her mind active and the list goes on

I was comfortable allowing Stay At Home Care caregivers to assist my aunt in her home.  It wasn't long before I knew they were a trustworthy company.  Aunt “bridg” felt safe and comfortable and I had peace of mind knowing how well auntie would be cared for.


The team would call me on a regular basis to report auntie’s status: “good or not so good”.  I cannot express enough appreciation to Stay At Home Care, LLC for guiding my auntie and my self through the last stages of her life with such grace and dignity.


Choosing Stay At Home Care, LLC proved to be a very wise choice.  You have my gratitude for a job well done.




Sarah Jay







Concerning Cheryll Rhinemiller:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Cheryl Rhinemiller since September of 2010 when she began to be an in-home

healthcare aide for my mother and step-father following my mother's stroke. In that time I have come

to appreciate her greatly. There are three character tests that I subject any person to:

1. Are you competent

2. Can I trust you

3. Do you care about me

Cheryll passes all of these tests with flying colors.

Cheryll clearly has excellent knowledge of care giving. She understands physical care, emotional care

and developmental care. Based on my experience with Cheryll, I would expect her to be more than

competent in any caring situation. I never worry about my mother when I know Cheryll is there.

Trusting Cheryll is about more than just honesty. I have no question of her honesty, I trust her beyond

that. ! have come to trust her judgment concerning my mother's health and well-being. She is very

stable and level headed and analyzes situations well, does not overreact, and makes good decisions on

how to handle any circumstances at hand.

Yes Cheryll is caring . She has gone out of her way to help my parents to adjust to changing situations in

their lives. She has not only "done her duty" as a healthcare aide but is one of the best cooks we have

ever had. My parent s are always happy to see her come through the door. Beyond all that I believe that

there is nothing reasonable I could ask of Cheryll that she would not do if it were in her power.

Finally, Cheryll has a positive outlook on life. She is serious when appropriate but always upbeat and has

a positive attitude. She is one of those people who is a joy to be around.

Cheryll has become one of the corner stones of care for my mother. She is truly a blessing to us all.


Lee R. Cline P.E.

West Salem, WI 

March 12, 2011

Michael Vance

Schaumburg, IL 

To Whom It May Concern:

Cheryll Rhinemiller assisted our family with the care of our father during a difficult and trying

time. Due to the far flung logistics of our family, it was essential for us to have a trustworthy

and caring individual to help look after our father - both as companion and as a domestic and helper.

Cheryll was instrumental in keeping our father's spirits up, his mind occupied, and ensuring his

safety and comfort during this time.

She was also extremely capable in matters of money management, medical service coordination,

and household organization.

I would recommend her services to my closest friends and relatives.

MichaeI Vance

To whom it may concern,

My name is Lowell Ferry and I'm writing this letter of reference for Cheryll

Rhinemiller. I've known Cheryll for 40 plus years and for anyone that might be

considering her to help with care giving of a loved one should feel comfident in

making that decision. Through the years my mother and father have had various

surgeries and Cheryll has always been there to help in anyway needed. Around 2007

my grandmother suffered with alzheimer's and with Cheryll's help we were able to

greatlly improve the quality of her life in her own home, especially towards the end.

Cheryll is a dear friend and I'm happy to suggest her in assisting you and your

loved ones.

Sincerely, Lowell Ferry

March 16, 2011

To Whom it May Concern,

It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for a very capable person namely, Cheryll.

She was very important when we chose to put our daughter, Kathleen, into semi-independent living.  Cheryll was there, with her supporting hands, to help our daughter adapt to being by herself.  We were really fortunate to have such a loving person helping and teaching our daughter, Kathleen.

We have tremendous respect for Cheryll's capabilities and her loving care of our daughter.  


Walter F. Dymond

Sandusky, OH

To Whom it May Concern:

During the last six months of my mother's life, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, Cheryll Rhinemiller helped me as an in-home health care provider.  We've been friends for many years and knowing of her experience, knowledge, and her caring kindness, I had no hesitation in hiring her for her services.

Cheryll treated my mother with respect, support, and attentive care.  With her sense of humor, she made my mother's last Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays full of joy and laughter.  In doing so, Cheryll gifted my family and I with wonderful memories, never to be forgotten.  

We were very blessed to have Cheryll's dependable dedication, compassion, and friendship.  Therefore, I am highly recommending Cheryll Rhinemiller as a home health care provider for anyone in need of her professional services,  


Sandra Davis

Sandusky, OH

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